Becoming a Pin-up

In honor of the launch of my new pin-up photography packages I thought I would devote a blog post to how to be a great pin-up. I think the number one most important thing to remember is that pin-ups were sexy but not necessarily in a revealing way. Don’t get me wrong pin-ups show themselves off but they always seem to look sexy but beautiful too . These girls were modeling at a time when what they were doing was really pushing the envelope as to what society would accept. And I think the best modern pin-ups keep this in mind. Think of the girl getting her dress lifted by the wind or a dog pulling on it and the viewer getting a glimpse of her garter and stocking. All the while the pin-up is wearing an expression of adorable shock. Below I’ve posted some of my favorite Vargas girl drawings (he was the king of pin-ups) and other pin-ups that I hope will not only make you want to be a pin-up but also give you ideas on posing and how to move your body. The key to getting a pin-up shot right is dependent on not only the right hair and makeup but the right clothing and most importantly the attitude of the model. You want to feel as sexy and as comfortable as you can during your shoot. Your final photos will be the most successful if the viewer feels like you are looking through the camera lens directly at them. This can be tough when you are working with a photographer you just met. So my advice would be to look at as many inspirational images as possible and practice whether in front of a mirror or with you own digital camera. Bringing music to the shoot that makes you feel sexy and that you can move to is also helpful. My favorite is Paula Cole’s Feelin’ Love. I’ve done sexy self portraits with this song on repeat that were very successful. But above all the goal is to have fun. If you are relaxed and enjoying yourself you can’t help but look sexy in your photos. And remember I’m not judging you. Whatever your ideas, whatever you want to do during your shoot I’m game so don’t be afraid to ask! Little tips about beautifying yourself before the shoot – 1) take care of your skin. do a face mask and exfoliate your body and above all else pile on the moisturizer. models’ skin looks amazing in print partly because of retouching but also because they have well taken care of moisturized skin. one I recommend to give you a sexy, dewy shimmer that isn’t sparkly is Mario Badescu’s summer shine body lotion 2) Get or give yourself a manicure and pedicure. if you want it to be authentic pin-up stick to bold shades of red. but the most important thing is to have well taken care of and well moisturized hand and feet. 3) And finally get yourself waxed at Acomoclitic Studio even if you want to be fully clothed having yourself waxed will make you feel sexy. plus your skin will be soft and smooth and allow the moisturizer you pile on to work better. Also check out their sunless tan especially if you want to do a nude shoot or a shoot in lingerie. Being a pin-up is all about being ultra feminine so indulge yourself! Check out the links below for inspiration and ideas. I found a lot of these images at  and there are pages more. Feel free to bring any of your favorite images to the shoot along with any props you want to use. I look forward to doing a shoot with you soon!   


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